Camp Rodo business center of P.R.E horses led by Juan Manuel Fernandez Martin since 1982.

Company dedicated buying, selling, breeding, rearing and horse dressage, both nationally and internationally. When we offer a horse, this is in our facilities, properly tested and amply contrasted.

Whe are located in Barcelona, Spain in Valles Oriental in the town Lliça d'Amunt since 1989. 15 minutes from Barcelona airport and 40 minutes from Girona airport.

When you purchase a horse from Camp Rodo you will recieve first class attention, from transport directly to your destination and full documentation, where ever in the world you want to go. We also provide quarantine, analysis, veterinary checks, digital X-Rais and many different tipes of examination and alternative therapies for your horse. Quarantine takes place within our own specialist facilities, wich are fully authorised.

Our work covers over 200 breeders and traders from across the world.

When purchasing or selling your horse, always make sure you have these waranties: a contract of sale, a bill of receipt and fully guarantified veterinary check. "The law protects you"- always deal with professionals, where every horse has its purpose.